Abu Dhabi Design Competition

Abu Dhabi design competition
This was a Design Competition for a Conference Centre in a high security area in the Middle East.
The project was influence by the arid desert environment and traditional geometric Arabian forms and shapes.
The construction palette included local materials and colors found in the context of the site.
For this design competition our scope of works was to provide aerials and external architecture visualization renders.
We had a very limited amount of time to produce 8 CGIS (computer generated Images).
The architect produced the model and drawings in Revit. In order to achieve a high level of detail for the renders we had to re-model some areas before we exported the geometry to 3D max.

This workflow is tipycally using FXB to export from Revit to 3D Max. Once in 3D max we used V-Ray materials and Shaders to create the images. For post-editing we used photoshop.

As we had to produce the images for A1 panels we needed high resolution renders to avoid pixelation and blurriness.

Abu Dhabi Design Competition

Middle East


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