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We are BIM Specialist

By working with us here at Fat Sumo, you can access in-depth knowledge and expertise regarding BIM, three-dimensional media, extract data and so much more.
BIM Modeling Services

We have experts in Revit®, AutoCAD®, other BIM platforms for any method of production.

BIM Coordination Services

This involves Clash Detection reports, Constructability reviews and more.

BIM facility management services

This is a  virtual building model containing relevant information to manage property.

Building Laser scanning Services

3D Laser Scanning

We bring the best scanning hardware along with the knowledge to back it up.

What is BIM?

BIM is a highly intelligent method that allows the user to coordinate a building or another related facility. BIM, or Building Information Modeling builds your idea into a virtual model, with 3D, 4D, 5D and 6D features which allow you to take and extract data from the initial plan.

With 3D, 4D, 5D and 6D Features

Allow you to take and extract data from the initial plan

Show your Designs in Context with Testing and Evaluation

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We are BIM Specialist

BIM also helps you to cover everything from the architectural design to the structure and even the M/E, helping you to transfer your idea to your client effectively.

BIM helps to reduce costs, while also helping you to be more efficient with added sustainability so you can coordinate better while also making the most out of your time and efforts.

BIM Modeling Services

BIM Coordination & Fabrication

BIM for Facility Management

3D Laser Scanning

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Benefits of Working with BIM

BIM has many advantages when compared to other current methods. By working with us here at Fat Sumo, you can access in-depth knowledge and expertise regarding three dimensional media, extract data and so much more.

Exhibiting three-dimensional media

Show your designs in context with testing and evaluation

BIM coordinates with other media techniques with ease

Extract data such as pricing, material quantities, environmental impacts

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Save Time & Money with BIM

These benefits are also fully designed to save you time and money on your projects. It allows you to utilize your full developer resources, as well as minimizing complications for the future. BIM can also help you to eliminate unforeseen problems that may arise before the scheme and development even begin, helping to increase the efficiency of you and your business as well as creating an active development that has minimal risk involved.

We can accommodate for almost any timetable

Quality architectural visualisation services

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BIM Services

3D Flythrough

Here at Fat Sumo, we aim to produce high-quality structural assembly, industrial and architectural animations that stand out from our competition.

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Fat Sumo hd architectural animations

Architectural Walkthroughs

At our studio, we produce HD quality interior and exterior visuals of all types of residential and commercial buildings with 3D architectural walkthroughs.

3D Architectural Animations

We can create almost anything in 3D reality, including residential complex towers, real estate developments and so much more. We can also film aerial footage, placing 3D virtual reality models with remarkable efficiency.

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Design Visualisation

We can help you to create your 3D BIM model by collating information from all the disciplines working in you scheme into a centralized file (model). The various contractors and sub-contractors can provide their information in the form of digital drawings such as CAD files, PDFs, and 3D computer models or even traditional hard copy drawings. This information is then translated into a centralized BIM model which all parties can use to visualize or extract data from, including 4D, 5D and clash collision.

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Information & Coordinated Drawing

Fat Sumo can help you to keep your production information at maximum efficiency by utilise the latest BIM technology. We ensure that no section, elevation, or call-out ever references the wrong drawing or sheet. All data and graphics, details, schedules, drawings, and sheets are current and coordinated. We can phase your project in BIM to reduce the amount of time required to create renovation and planning documents. Sections and elevations are drawn almost immediately when compared to sections by hand or with traditional CAD. Whilst all the changes are live and coordinated once throughout all your drawings in the project.

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Services & Clash Detection

The review of models for clash and collision detection is a major consideration in the use of Building Information Modelling. At Fat Sumo we use BIM Clash Collision Software such as Navisworks and Fuzor to selectively check for clashes between any specified systems, such as between MEP, architectural and structural. Clash checks can be performed at any level of detail and across any number of building systems and trades.

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Tender Documents & Quantity-Taking

With BIM tools we can help you create integrated tender and construction documents by taking full advantage  of the building model. The result radically reduces the amount of drawing needed,  having time and ensuring document coordination and quality.

With our Quantity Take-off services we can automatically generate complete object quantities directly from a design model. This process usually takes several seconds to complete for the entire building model, while the same job could take several days using traditional on-screen take-off methods.

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Analysis of Environmental Aspects

With our BIM services we can help you to achieve LEED/BREEAM credits. We can use BIM to keep LEED documentation in order, improve team collaboration and share knowledge on project best practices.

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Work flow with BIM implementation

Our BIM consultancy services are tailored to suit your work-flow and how you can best implement BIM within your company. We have collectively many years of experience to help you and your organisation to avoid commonly made mistakes and get the most out of your investment in BIM. We can help you with  your BIM Execution plan/method and help you write your BIM Standards.

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BIM Content

BIM is a process and education, it is not just a technology. It is about the flow of data between stages, processes, softwares and businesses for a construction project across it’s life.

The industry is fast adopting the BIM technology. We offer bespoke BIM library creation in ”Revit’, ”ArchiCad” and ”IFC” formats in line with internationally recognised standards such as PAS-1192 and COBIE. Suppliers can then offer these via web portals for the industry, with up to date metadata and accurate hyperlinks and contact details for sales teams. Our architectural background means we understand how this content will be used, and our depth of experience means we know how to optimise content for user performance and data rich tasks.

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