fat sumo interview

Fat Sumo Interview with BIM Crunch


Last month Fat Sumo was kindly approached by an online BIM publication called ”BIM Crunch” to do an interview highlighting our company and how we promote and view BIM.  Please be kind and if you have time you might find some part interesting to listen too, if you have anything you wanna ask please do!

In the interview, I talk about Fat Sumo origins in the construction sector, how the company started in Plymouth, UK at Stride Treglown. How I moved to Hong Kong with no job prospects lined-up yet found my feet and began working for WCWP and training institutions in Hong Kong. Now with offices in China, Hong Kong and the UK, we (Fat Sumo) are working with various universities and academic bodies from Egypt, UK, and Hong Kong offering BIM training to students using our daughter brand ”Blue Vision”. I also talk about how we are working on the first ever 270 hour Professional Diploma in Hong Kong with the Hong Kong Design Institute part of the VTC group.

If you want to know more about Fat Sumo and me professionally and personally please do listen listen to the five-part interview by clicking on the links below.