Silk Road Luoyang Real Estate Architecture Animation


Animation Description

This CGI and Architectural Animation project is a concept Master plan. It is based on the world historical and cultural city of Luoyang. Part of our scope of works was to create an animation that embody the rich History of the city. For this we created a series of visual sequences that reflects the thirteen dynasties. A history of 5,000 years of civilization, that represents Luoyang as one of the cradles of Chinese culture. Luoyang would now become a rich and prosperous city.


The project combines commercial elements, sensory and tactile experiences. The client wanted to show all this in the language and concept of the visuals. At the same time, we had to show a touch of clean and modern graphics that can entice to its potential viewers. As per every project we do in China, we were burden with very tight constrains of time and budget. We had to come up with quick but impressive “wow” factors that would please the client. We used a series of effects combining techniques in 3D-Max, After Effects and Premier.


The technical side of this project was particularly tricky. We had geometry in Sketchup, Archicad, Rhino and Revit formats. All of them have different exporting options that we needed to explore and test to get the desired effect. For the animation part we made an overall 3D-Max file combining all the models and rendering it in v-ray. We did all of our compositing in After Effects, Photoshop and Premier.

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Architectural Animation
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