The future of BIM in Hong Kong

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Fat Sumo are now the proud parents of Blue Vision, but how did Blue Vision come to be? The answer is simple.

Holistic BIM Courses Hong Kong


BIM Courses Hong Kong


We created Blue Vision because we believe that there are a lack of courses that are currently being offered to the industry, not only that but the courses that are being offered often fall short when it comes to practical industry knowledge. That is why we wanted to create something bigger, better, more holistic.

This was especially the case when it came to BIM. Most of the BIM courses Hong Kong focus on software and this is only a very small part of the whole BIM process. In fact, many BIM providers are taught how to use Revit at a somewhat technical level, and nothing more. Many people are also not taught why they need to do BIM and they often believe that Revit equals BIM but this is not the case. Revit is a simply but a tool that is used in BIM. One of our missions is to make sure that the idea of BIM is used with a practical point of view with a holistic approach.

We want people to know what BIM really is how there are different levels involved. We also want people to understand that there are many different meanings and that there are many aspects that need to be understood as well. Our aim is to teach all of this in our courses, so everyone can have a solid level of understanding from start to finish and beyond.

BIM Management Courses


BIM Courses Hong Kong


At the moment, we have a BIM management course where we focus on teaching individuals who are at a management level, and those who don’t know need to draft or model. We are also able to teach those who don’t know how to model as well as those who don’t know how to procure using BIM tender as well.

For our company, this course has been incredibly popular and this has all been because of our collaboration with Hong Kong Design Institute (part of VTC group). You will also find that we are in our third intake and that we listen to every comment that our users have to make so we can always better our courses to meet the ever growing demands of our users.

We believe that through this course, people will understand what is in store for them should they undertake a project using the BIM method, even if they don’t have any experience when it comes to software or technology.

BIM in Hong Kong


Residential project Hong Kong


When it comes to BIM and Hong Kong, they are still at the early stages of a formal adoption when compare to the UK and US. Various organizations such the CIC (Construction Industry Council) and the Housing Department Authorities are actively pushing to have BIM adopted. It is only a matter of time until Hong Kong catches up.

So who needs this courses?

Basically anyone who is in the construction industry; you could be an architect, quantity surveyor, or a developer. We want to invite anyone who is interested and want to know more about what BIM really is. Although we have a big focus on the building industry, we believe that BIM could help anyone who is interested to use it in other fields as well.

Our Friends


We pride ourselves in our knowledge when it comes to design but we acknowledge that we can only progress through collaboration which is why we have several very important global alliances with our partners ‘Stride Treglown Ltd’, Schumann Consult Ltd., and Green9 Ltd.

Stride Treglown Ltd. are one of the 15th largest architecture practice in the UK and they have over 1.2 million man hours when it comes to BIM. They approve our content for us and they are constantly improving our future.

Schumann Consult are specifications specialists they have been producing specs for some of the most important and largest buildings in the world for the last 35 years. Their expertise is essential when linking the specs to the BIM models and making BIM level 3 possible.

As with all the design and construction that we do, our thinking should always be driven by sustainability and innovation, no one knows that better that our friends at Green9 Ltd. We collaborate together to make sure that our courses always have an element of sustainability and are driven by a desire to innovate and move the industry forward the right way.

We are also very forward thinking so we are able to put our minds to new challenges, and looking at new ways of helping the industry become better and more holistic.

Whether is trying to create BIM models for aquaponics or finding the best workflow between Rhino-Dynamo-Revit we are always striving to create meaningful and usable knowledge to continually meet the needs of our supporters.


Check our Blue Vision website for more information or feel free to contact me.