With 3D Forge

‘Fat Sumo’ as part of our ‘Blue Vision’ Courses we had our first 3D Printing Workshop with ‘3D Forge’ last week. It was I must say from my point of view very interesting. Up until that point I had a pretty basic knowledge of 3D printing and what kind of industry it is. After attending the workshop and listening to Harvey about what a 3D printer can do, well I was amazed. As you can see from the images you can print some pretty cool shapes in a relatively short time. The printout that looks like a weaved flower pot prints out in 2-3 hours, the little green bracelet in less than an hour, pretty impressive for the level of detail that you can achieve from a printer that can sit on your desk. The printout that impressed me the most is the white diamond shape one, it’s like a mesh, its bendable, and light goes through it in a beautiful diffused way (a bit like optic fiber mixed with concrete). I could imagine a whole building cladded in the stuff! It gave me great ideas for new designs and my imagination kept on going. Harvey’s workshop as well as showing you how to use a ‘Makerbot Replicator 2’ also included a presentation of how the 3D printing industry is utilizing this great new technology. In China for instance they have a 3D printer big enough to make the concrete shell of a building, I am talking about 1:1 scale, that can do 10 small dwellings in 24 hours. I can see an amazing future for this industry! If you want to check out our course, please go to www.bluevision.ws. We are now working with on a course to teach how Revit/Archicad/Rhino models can be 3D printed, watch this space!